HiDPI Woes #2: Applications and "DPI Aware"

This is part #2 in a series in detailing some of the interesting pain points of adding a high-dpi monitor to the mix of a few regular screens.

Part #1 Different Scale Monitors
Part #2 Applications and "DPI Aware"
Part #3 Playing Nicely With The Rest Of The World

Following on from my previous post and detailing the issues that Windows itself has with scaling on different monitors and blurry fonts. Their are certain apps that display perfectly fine. These are not DPI aware, and as such display without scaling.

The side effects of this manifest itself in some interesting ways.

  • On high-DPI screens, Chrome appears at the correct size, however it is mearly being scaled up, as a result the entire UI is blurry
  • On regular-DPI screens, because Chrome is not DPI aware, it ignores the display scaling being applied and appears exactly as it should at it's "native" resolution.
  • The inverse is true for DPI aware applications, they appear crisp on high-DPI screens, and blurry on regular-DPI screens.


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