HiDPI Woes #3: Playing nicely with the rest of the world

This is part #3 in a series in detailing some of the interesting pain points of adding a high-dpi monitor to the mix of a few regular screens.

Part #1 Different Scale Monitors
Part #2 Applications and "DPI Aware"
Part #3 Playing Nicely With The Rest Of The World

Update - this has been corrected by recreating my email signature. Huzzah! Original post remains below.

Let's talk about Office 2013 and specifically Outlook 2013. This is a DPI aware application which looks great on high-DPI screens. When creating a new email HTML, it will "helpfully" scale the logo which is in my email signature so that it appears at the correct size.

Can you guess where this is going? Here's the resulting HTML:

<img width=3D"750" height=3D"135" id=3D"Picture_x0020_1" src=3D"cid:ima= [email protected]" alt=3D"logo">

This is a 500x90 image being scaled up by 150%. Anyone receiving emails from me is going to get pixelated images.

Extreme Facepalm

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